Our fitness staff is always available to help you find your way around the Club. Have a question? Just ask! You can also email your fitness questions to Tad, our Fitness Director, here.

Fitness Introduction

All new and seasoned members, 12 years and older, can take advantage
of a complimentary personal Fitness Introduction that includes:

  • A review of your health history
  • Guidance on setting fitness goals
  • Instructions on how to use weight and cardio machines
  • A fitness log sheet to help you track your progress

Sign up at the Front Desk. Please allow about an hour and come ready to work out!

Body Composition Measuring

A Fitness Staff member will conduct two different measurements to help you understand your physical makeup and track your fitness. These complimentary measurements include:

  • Body Mass Index
  • Multi-site Girth Measurement

Sign up at the Front Desk and allow approximately 30 minutes. Wear shorts and a t-shirt.

Fitness Assessment

A member of the FCC Fitness Staff will conduct a standardized Fitness Assessment to evaluate your physical strengths and weaknesses. This complimentary review will allow you to create a workout tailored to your needs.

Components of the fitness assessment include:

  • Cardio Step Test
  • Basic Strength Test
  • Flexibility Sit and Reach Test
  • Core Abdominal Strength Test

Depending on needs, a Fitness Assessment may also include a Body Composition Measurement.

Sign up at the Front Desk and allow 30 minutes to an hour. Come equipped to work out!

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