The Yoga/Pilates Center at the Fort Collins Club is located in the center of our facility and is the heart of our club. We offer Pilates Equipment and Mat classes led by an amazing staff of professionals. Our Pilates Equipment Room is the best-equipped studio in Fort Collins and offers the best rates in the nation for members and non-members alike.

The Pilates method of body conditioning strengthens and tones muscles while simultaneously increasing flexibility and balance, giving the body a long, lean shape. Pilates is a technique of movement that offers the most efficient, natural, and pain-free way to play and live productively. Pilates techniques have been recognized as superior conditioning programs for all athletic activities. We offer a variety of programs catering to the needs of our members. Pilates mat classes are included with your Fort Collins Club membership at no extra charge; private sessions and pilates equipment classes have an additional cost.

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Julie, Pilates InstructorJulie Richter

Julie developed her love of Pilates in 2003 during reformer classes she took at a Colorado Springs YMCA. It quickly became her essential form of exercise, since the fundamentals of Pilates can be applied to all movement.

Julie believes Pilates is the key to increasing and maintaining all aspects of physical fitness. It can be the basis of lifelong health benefits including upright posture, balance, and coordination. The body is a fascinating study of muscles teaming together to create movement in a mindful manner. The strengthening and lengthening of balanced muscle development translates into balanced body movement and overall well-being.

Julie has taught mat classes since 2005, completing the Physical Mind Mat/Standing certification in 2006 and receiving her comprehensive certification through Balanced Body University in January 2013, which includes the reformer, tower, chair, and barrels.

Julie personally has experienced the strengthening of core muscles that stabilize and support the spine, which creates increased mobility for the body. She would love the opportunity to share the life-changing effects Pilates offers to people of all ages and abilities. Come join a mat class, equipment class, or enroll in private lessons to experience how Pilates will benefit you.


Michelle RudolphMichelle

Michelle Rudolph has a deep appreciation for the human body and its capabilities. She chose to study Pilates because its methodology is closely aligned with her approach to teaching dance and her strong belief in proper posture and good biomechanics. Personally benefiting from Pilates after a back injury has further strengthened her belief in this method as a sound system for improving strength, flexibility, balance, and coordination.

Michelle earned a Bachelor of Science degree in Dance Performance from the University of Kansas. She has taught modern dance, jazz, and ballet in various venues and performed with multiple dance companies while earning a Master of Science degree in Education with an emphasis in Kinesiology (biomechanics) and Laban Movement Analysis.

Michelle has also worked as a physical therapy aid with Rocky Mountain Physical Therapy using Pilates for patients rehabilitating from joint replacements and back injuries under the guidance of physical therapist Michelle Congleton. She enjoys bringing Pilates to populations where Pilates would appear to be too difficult, including seniors, those with physical challenges such as scoliosis, and those with chronic back issues.

She finds inspiration in witnessing again and again her clients improving balance, mobility, and confidence in their bodies using Pilates as their method for rehabilitation and overall fitness. Michelle’s sympathetic “having been there” approach to teaching gives students the comfort to ask questions and find their own pace.

Michelle looks forward to working with members and non-members in class or private sessions at the Fort Collins Club.



Michele Scalvamichele

I have been passionate about Pilates since I began in 2009. Like many others, I tried Pilates seeking recovery and pain relief from a trauma­­­­­tic injury. The Pilates Conditioning Method provided me with gradual physical improvements as well as emotional healing. I learned that the practice of Pilates can be restorative for the mind and spirit as well as the b­­­­ody.

As a teacher, my goal is for clients to experience progress with each session. In class we focus on making connections in the body to build strength and create muscle balance while in proper alignment. The movements require intention and attention to focus the mind on moving one’s body correctly. With this approach, the body is conditioned from the inside out and it transfers to healthy functional movement outside of class, better athletic performance and an improved quality of life.

In the summer of 2016, I earned a Basic Mat Certification from Powerhouse Pilates and started teaching. This experience confirmed that I wanted to continue my Pilates education. In the fall I began comprehensive training for Mat and Apparatus certifications with the Pilates Sports Center under the instruction and mentorship of Lee Cooper.

I enjoy working with people of varying physical abilities and welcome you to join me in class! Send me an email if you have questions at

Comprehensive Pilates Certification Training, Pilates Sports Center
Basic Pilates Mat Certification, Powerhouse Pilates
Bachelor of Science in Psychology, Colorado State University


Tara Palmertara-10-bw

Tara comes to Pilates through personal rehabilitation when her lifelong commitment to running and weight training began to yield minor injuries. Knowing this form of practice had the ability to lengthen and strength her muscles while minimizing injury risk, she knew her path was that of a life long practitioner. She was also drawn to the practice’s ability to alter the physical predispositions to nonalignment present in her genetic narrative. While the physical benefits of Pilates are numerous and impactful, Tara quickly realized the practice’s ability to provide stress relief, meditation and mental strength. Tara’s newfound form and focus allowed her to move fully and intentionally through the stresses of a real estate finance career, pregnancy and young motherhood. Today, Tara combines Pilates with her other passions: running, tennis, skiing, being a fun and loving wife and a mother capable of keeping up with two small children. As a Pilates Sports Center instructor, Tara meets each student right where they are and develops a shared vision of where they want to go. By providing specialized and targeted Pilates training, she
infuses her students with a commitment to strength and clarity in – and fusion of – both body and mind.

“Everyone needs Pilates in their life; it equates to the longevity and vitality we all seek.” Tara Palmer

Bachelor of Science in Finance, University of Colorado Boulder
Pilates Sports Center Certification
Pre and Post Natal Pilates Certification


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