The Fort Collins Club has two squash courts. Courts may be reserved one day in advance and are scheduled on the hour. If you can’t make your time, please call and let us know within two hours of your reservation. Please be courteous to your fellow players and finish your game on schedule.

Squash Challenge: A pick-up game formation to play those who come during the scheduled times. It is typically doubles format, though dependent upon attendance, single games do occur.

Monday Wednesday Friday Sunday
Squash Challenge
 Squash Challenge
Squash Challenge
Squash Challenge
Court 1 Court 1 Court 1 Court 1
7 – 9 AM 7 – 9 AM 7 – 9 AM 7 – 9 AM
Court 2 Court 2 Court 2 Court 2
7 – 8 AM 7 – 8 AM 7 – 8 AM 7 – 8 AM
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